Education imparts knowledge and is the basis for a sustainable improvement in living conditions in Dolpo. That is why the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation is committed to the following projects:

  • Winter schools
  • Educational sponsorships
  • Tibetan teacher

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Basic education in Nepal is divided into two schools, the “Primary School” and the “Secondary School”, each lasting five years. At the end of the 10th grade, the SLC certificate (School Leaving Certificate) is awarded upon passing the final exam. Afterwards, the “Higher Secondary School” (college) can be attended for two to three years. With the final exam one has acquired the admission to the university.

The Nepalese school year usually begins in mid-April and ends with the final exams in the following March. During the summer months, however, many children in the Dolpo cannot attend school, or only irregularly, because they have to help with the agricultural work and the care of the animals.

Due to climatic conditions, regular schooling in Dolpo does not continue in winter. In order to catch up the missed knowledge, winter schools are organized by aid organizations and are a necessary initiative to enable the children to finish school. Therefore, the DTCF maintains and operates three winter schools in Saldang, Karang and Nyisal together with the HUMAN Foundation. The teachers teach the Nepalese curriculum as well as the Tibetan language and teach the students the customs of the Himalayan culture. The DTCF finances the remuneration of Tibetan teachers.

Those who want to continue sending their children to school must be able to raise the financial means for a boarding school in Kathmandu and the school fees. This is often a great burden for the families and can often only be done with the help of sponsorships. Higher education at college and university is also only possible for many with the support of aid organizations or through sponsorships. Therefore, the DTCF supports selected pupils and students with educational sponsorships.

Detailed reports can be read here.

Here are some examples of projects:

Winter Classes in Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School in Nyisal

Nyisal, a small village in Upper Dolpo, is located at 3,800 meters altitude close to the Tibetan border. The next road is approximately one walking week away and due to this extreme remoteness, it is very difficult to give the children in the villages a year-round solid basic education.

Since 2015 Yanjer Gumba Basic School runs a winter school from November to January, for all ages from kindergarten to grade five. The past four years of winter school were managed successfully with the support of dedicated teachers and parents, who provided housing for the children, food and firewood.

The teachers and teaching materials were fully funded by the government.

However, the government has withdrawn from funding the winter school from 2019 onwards and a majority of parents is no longer able to support the school to the extent previously.

Thanks to a cooperation of the DTCF with the HUMAN Foundation, the financing and continuation of the successful Winter Classes in Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School in Nyisal is now guaranteed.

estimated costs: 2.200 Euro / 2,484 USD

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Saldang Winterschool

The regular school year starts in April and ends end of October. During this time period, the more than 80 students of the Saldang school study according to the Nepalese curriculum from kindergarten up to class 6.

During the winter time, the children get the chance to deepen their knowledge about subjects concerning the Himalaya culture like the Tibetan language, foundations of Buddhism, as well as traditional crafts and dances, which are normally only dealt with marginally. Additionally students, who had to spend some of their school time helping with farm work, can revise whatever they missed. Locals act as teachers as well as monks, educated in Nepal and India.

Since 2016 is sponsored by the HUMAN Foundation based in Kirchheim / Germany. It operates with the vision to ‚Give children a future‘. The goal of the winter school is for the children to already develop roots in their culture early on before they go to Kathmandu or India for further education. This is a cooperation between the HUMAN Foundation and the DTCF with the long term aim to include more schools in this scheme eventually.

Costs 2017/18: 9.000 Euro / 9,300 USD


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This film (approx. 45 minutes) describes the journey to Saldang in Nepal to the winter school project of the HUMAN Foundation. The vision “Give children a future” is implemented here with the financing of the operation of the school from November to April.

New monastery school in Sankhu – joint project of Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation and Palyul Ling

Under the direction of Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche, the new school building in Shanku is to become the new home of around 200 students as early as the end of this year, who will be taught there from 1st to 8th grade according to the Nepalese curriculum. In addition, they will receive a higher 7-year education in Buddhist philosophy and practice as monks.

Thanks to this dual system, all doors are open to young graduates in both worldly and spiritual life after they leave school.

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New school building in Lhuri: “Shree Tripitak Basic School

A family from Germany has decided to finance the construction of the classrooms of the Shree Tripitak Basic School in Lhuri in memory of their beloved son. The school was built in the village of Lhuri in Upper Dolpa between Saldang and Nyisal, which consists of the three villages of Kewa, Lhuri and Shungjer, all located at an altitude of about 3,900 meters.

The school in Lhuri was closed during the civil war in Nepal (1999-2006) and then reopened only in 2019; a youth from Lhuri village visited and reopened the school in Kathmandu.

Due to limited resources, such as B. Classrooms and permanent resources, it was a difficult time for Mr. Dawa to run the school successfully. Since the children from three villages attend Shree Tripitak Basic School, he plans to build five classrooms this summer with financial support from Human Foundation, Germany and under the administration of Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation. Additionally, the same funding organization has committed to covering the school’s operating costs for at least 20 years starting this year. The plan is to complete the construction of all buildings in 2023.

Skill Development Training for a Primary Teacher in Dolpo


Many young Dolpo people wish to return to their native villages after finishing their schooling to give back to their communities. One way of doing that is by working as teachers in the local schools. As a posting through the Nepali government is difficult due to the entry exams and the uncertainity of where they will be sent eventually, NGOs often cover their salaries. This also ensures that the young children are taught in their native language and have teachers who understand their living conditions. Unfortunately due to the time and money constraints, these novice teachers cannot get a lot of training before they start their jobs.


Therefore the DTCF has decided to work together with the Rato Bangala Foundation in Kathmandu, which developed a one month training program tailored to the needs of the remote Himalayas. The first one-month “Skill Development Training for a Primary Teachers” started on 5th January and ended on 5th February 2019.

Costs: ca. 10.000 Euro / 11,300 USD for 15 teachers – including the needs assessment, costs for commuting etc.

Report 2019 (PDF)

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Tibetan teachers at schools in Dolpo


  • Crystal Mountain School – in the last 5 years
  • Monastery school in Dhu – for 2 years

To teach the language and culture of Dolpo to the youngest students, the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation pays the salaries of two Tibetan teachers at two schools in Dho-Tarap and Dhu, who teach the language, music, dance and culture of the Himalayas.

With a view to the long-term winter schools in Dolpo and the new school in Lhuri, the DTCF plans to hire more Tibetan teachers in order to strengthen the Himalayan culture that is worth protecting and to pass on the cultural wealth of this region to primary school children.

You can support this effort specifically and effectively with a one-time or regular donation!

Child sponsorships

State and non-state schools are financed through school fees, so families are faced with monthly expenses and often there is not enough income. There are also costs for school uniforms, notebooks and learning materials. School children/families are placed who specifically contact the DTCF and apply for sponsorship. Your support directly benefits the child and gives him/her a better future!

Costs: 540 euros annually or 45 euros monthly

Child sponsorship report 2019 (PDF)

Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche with Manisch, Prachanda and Santoshi, which are sponsored by the DTCF

Educational sponsorships

Students are also placed for sponsorship. These young people aspire to study at university in order to bring their skills and knowledge to a contemporary level and thus want to specifically participate in shaping society. The financial resources from a sponsorship are needed for fee-paying colleges and universities, the purchase of expensive textbooks, and room and board. Your support goes directly to the students!

Costs: 1.020 € annualy or 85 € monthly

How you can support our projects in “education”.

Education can improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Dolpo in the long term and gives young people hope for a better future. For this, continuous support is of great importance. The operation of schools, winter schools and the placement of godchildren are the central methods by which the educational level of the people from the Dolpo can be improved. Reach out a hand of solidarity today and become a sponsor with a one-time donation or regular donation!

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