Nam Chö Amitabha & Phowa

The Nam Chö Amitabha & Phowa practice helps us deal with the death of others and teaches us how to prepare for our own dying process.

As part of the Nam Chö (nam chos, “Heavenly Dharma”) revelation, the Amitabha Sadhana as a wishful prayer for rebirth in the pure land of Sukhāvatī goes back to a vision in which Buddha Amitābha told the treasure finder Tulku Mingyur Dorje appeared. The Nam Chö Amitabha sadhana can be performed after the death of others to facilitate their path to the realm of bliss (Sukhāvatī).

Phowa is a mediation practice in which we practice or familiarize ourselves with safely transferring our own consciousness into the realm of bliss at the moment of death.

This realm of bliss (Sukhāvatī) of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light, is a pure land in which the beings who are reincarnated there can tread the path to enlightenment without falling back into the lower realms.

Especially in our complex world in which we have little time to practice and practice, this meditation practice represents a powerful method of setting yourself on the safe path to Buddhahood at the time of death.

Even if one is unable to successfully perform the Phowa practice at the time of death, a guru will find it easier to carry out the consciousness transfer for one once one has received this practice.

Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche gives the Buddha Amitabha empowerment and teaches the Phowa practice as taught by his primary teacher H.H. Penor Rinpoche received.

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