Longchen Shedra

Study program

Aim: Why did Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche found this Longchen Shedra Study ?

The Longchen Shedra founded by Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche is a four-years Buddhist study programme. The first three years are devoted to study the Sutrayana and the final year is focusing mainly upon the Tantrayana teaching and practice.

These Shedra studies center on classical Buddhist treatises from some of the most brilliant and highly recognized masters of the Nyingma lineage, who are Longchen Rabjam Drimé Özer, Jigme Lingpa and Mipham Rinpoche.

The studies aim for the students to develop their knowledge of the history of the Buddha Sakyamuni and of Buddhist philosophy in general. They learn the way the teachings were compiled and transmitted as well as the overall structure of the Buddhist schools and approaches. They also emphasize on the practice and on the main essence of the Buddhist teachings, by focusing more specifically on Buddha nature and on the great Bodhicitta, bringing the students to a profound understanding of the overall purposes of the Dharma and Buddhist philosophy.

Throughout the complexity of these structural approaches and teaching cycles, Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche has this wonderful and precious ability, by using humor and skillful means, to raise questions and highlight the main essence points of the studied texts. Thus, by learning these numerous aspects and by acquiring this overall knowledge, the students are led to deepen their view, meditation path and conduct, developing bodhicitta and entering the great Mahayana path in order to help all sentient beings to attain the state beyond suffering.

How the classes of the Longchen Shedra are organized

  • The Longchen Shedra runs for four years.
    Each study year starts with an intensive 5-day online retreat which is divided into two teaching sessions and one review tutorial each day.

  • The course language is English.

  • Video recordings and audio files of each session are made available to all students.
    A detailed script of the teachings will also be shared.
    The script is the basis of the study material to be covered and learned.

  • Thereafter the Longchen Shedra continues with eleven monthly study sessions which significantly expand on the material covered during the retreat and deepen the analysis of each topic.
    Topical notes and scripts are provided thereof.

  • Intermittent tutorials for specific study questions are held by junior tutors throughout the year and are part of the program.

  • After the four years, students will be tested in an exam and may qualify for a teaching certificate in a particular subject depending on their level of knowledge.

An analytical approach to modern life

The outline and structure of the Longchen Shedra has been developed by the founder and spiritual leader of the Longchen Institute Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche with regard to the modern way of life where academic studies have to fit into a busy schedule. Yet there is nothing missing in this all-encompassing Longchen Shedra program.

It is certain to bring great benefit to all students now and in the future.

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