Immediate relief

In the event of natural disasters such as floods, fires, mudslides or earthquakes, socially disadvantaged people in Kathmandu and remote regions are particularly dependent on the help of charities. With care and speed, DTCF supplies people with food, building materials or other relief supplies in order to improve the situation quickly and effectively.

Natural disasters have always been more frequent in Nepal than in other parts of the world, but climate change seems to be exacerbating this trend. Extremely heavy rains cause flooding in the valley and mudslides on the slopes, where the simplest shelters are usually built, where the poorest seek shelter from the elements.

In the Terai region, when rain floods destroyed the shelters of many families, DTCF helped by providing new roof tiles that cannot be soaked by the rain and allow families to stay dry.

In response to the Corona pandemic in 2020, DTCF began distributing food relief packages to families in Boudha, Kathmandu and neighboring districts, and Dolpo. Each package contains enough food to meet the needs of a household of four to five people for one month.

Because mudslides destroyed homes in Mugu, DTCF brought food packages and rain tarps to help people.

However, the vulnerability of the socially disadvantaged population remains, but DTCF will remain committed to helping those in need.

Here are some examples of projects:

Food assistance to families affected by ongoing Pandemic in Upper Dolpo

The consequences of the months-long lockdown in 2020 pose enormous challenges, especially for marginalized groups of Nepalese society (elderly people, people with disabilities and single parents, etc.). The loss of income sources and the elimination of trade opportunities due to border closures are leading to massive food shortages in high mountain regions such as the Dolpo.

At the request of the local government, Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation agreed to take responsibility for food distribution and implement the project with the help of various organizations such as Dolpo Tulku e.V., HUMAN Stiftung, Altitude Project, School Association Lo-Manthang, Chay Ya Nepal and Dolpo Mutual Aid. With the support of these organizations, the project was fully funded and benefited 755 families in three local rural districts of Upper Dolpo.

A total of 15,540 kg of rice was procured for 518 families and 6000 kg of flour for 200 families. Suppliers and muleteers packed each bag of rice and flour in waterproof envelopes before loading up to 60 kg of weight onto mules. A total of 359 mules were needed to transport all the supplies to 22 villages in the three communes of Upper Dolpo. Each trek takes at least 2-3 days each way.


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In this short video you can get an idea of the food assistance for the Upper Dolpo.

Many thanks on behalf of all cooperation partners and helpers for your support in these challenging times!

Total expenditure 2021: 28.500 € / 32.355 USD

Relief supplies for Nepal – delivery of 150,000 medical masks and 500 antigen rapid tests to protect the population

Aid alliance „You’ve got a friend“

Nepal was very badly affected by the pandemic in spring 2021 and the people are left to their own devices as the health systems are overrun with patients and cannot cope with the onslaught.

In difficult times you need friends and we, too, can only provide this humanitarian aid with the help of friends.

As an aid alliance “You’ve got a friend” we have transported together with Friendly Hunting, der Caritas Krankenhilfe Berlin, A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE, alpha trans and the association namasté-project e.V. 150.000 medical masks and 500 antigen rapid tests to Nepal to protect the population.

We hope this measure could make a small contribution to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Nepal, so that the hard lockdown could be loosened up and those who suffer most from the restrictions and their consequences can return to a regular life.


We would like to thank you in the name of all cooperation partners and helpers for your generous and quick support!!!

Ongoing Pandemic Food Support Program

1100 families received Relief Packages with supplies for one month

In response to the Corona pandemic in 2020 DTCF began the distribution of food rations for families. Each package of staple foods is calculated to last for one month for a household of four to five people. The distribution is extremely well prepared and organized according to health safety rules by DTCF and has been recognized as one of the best relief programs in Boudha. A total of 1.100 families have been supplied by the Food Support Program in 2020.

Total expenditures 2020: 33.000 € / 39.927 USD


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We would like to appreciate all the friends, disciples, donors and well-wishers of Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche who walked with us in this journey of service.


And also huge respect to team members for their courage and willingness to serve in the field.

Although the strict lockdown in Nepal was lifted from one day to the next on 22 July 2020, schools as well as other training facilities and many public institutions remain closed. Since tourism has completely ceased to exist and many of the daily wage earners depend on this industry, the situation will remain difficult for them.

It is questionable whether the tourism industry will be able to recover somewhat over the autumn, and economists believe that it will take at least 2-3 years for the economy to recover.


In addition, many Nepalis live off the support of their relatives who work abroad as guest workers. However, due to the global corona crisis, many of these contractual workers have lost their jobs and now return to Nepal as unemployed.

Due to all these factors, the situation of the poorest members of society in Nepal remains tense and many of the daily wage earners are dependent on further support.

Thank you to all the donors for your kindness and generosity!

Shelter for Flood victims in the Terai Region

Due to the unusually high rainfalls during the Monsoon season of 2020 devastating floods occurred in the Terai Region in Nepal. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic the DTCF initiated a relief program advising and helping organize the procurement of building materials to construct shelters and reconstruct homes.

Upon visiting the victim’s families and surveying and asking about their needs, the foundation reached out to support 45 needy families with locally made cement tiles for roofing the houses damaged by floods and storms during the monsoon season as per the suggestion and preference of the families. And the relief recipient families have agreed to contribute from their side in the construction and gathering of required materials to build the structure.


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The recipients of this little contribution express that they are pleased to have a better roof to live under after all those days and nights with a leaky and open ceiling.

Total expenditures 2020 (including admin. costs): 4.100 € / 5.000 USD

Fire in the Kimri Village / Mugu District

Early May 2018 a devastating fire burnt down the homes of 18 families in the Kimri Village, near Dolpo. Within a few minutes the lives of the affected were obliterated. Behause of the remoteness of the village it is impossible to transport emergency goods there by car or truck. Therefore Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche decided when he was asked for help, to provide each Family with 500 USD, so they could buy whatever they needed most and could access easily. This includes plastic tarps, food items and wood.

Estimated costs: 8.100 Euro / 9.000 USD

The village Kimri before the catastrophe
during the fire


In May 2018, a devastating fire burnt down the homes of 18 families in the Kimri village, Mugu district and many lives and other properties were affected. Mugu is the neighboring district to Dolpo and due to the remoteness of the village, and lack of roads, it is impossible to transport emergency goods there by vehicle. The DTCF immediately provided NRs. 200,000 /1.400€, one Lakh (700€) was kindly offered by Upaya Zen Centre as emergency aid to the victims, so they could quickly buy essential items, such as plastics tarpaulin, cooking items, food and wood.

Erthquake 2015 in Nepal

Following the devastating earthquake on 25. April in Nepal, the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation (DTCF) collected donations to immediately help the affected population all over Nepal, who could not be reached by big organizations. The DTCF uses all the money depending on the neediness of the people, determined by the staff of the DTCF, independently from caste or religious background.


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How you can support our charity projects in “Immediate relief”

In order to be able to act quickly and effectively in the event of natural disasters, donations are collected via the keyword “Immediate relief”, which are used for food packages, building materials or other relief supplies. The aid always goes directly to the people affected! Take part in this humanitarian relief action with your donation. You can support the “Immediate relief” with a one-time donation or a regular donation!

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