Nam Chö Tsa Lung – Tummo

Type of event:

On Site, Online, Dolpo Tulku | Retreat & Empowerment | Baudenbach (near Nürnberg)


Tue, 02.01.24 – Sun, 07.01.24


Meditationshaus Höfen
Höfen 12, 91469 Baudenbach (near Nürnberg), +49 (0)9166 564


Online participation only with the Tummo empowerment. The Zoom link will be announced after the registration.

Start (CET time):

Arrival: reception at 4 pm, introduction at 6 pm

End (CET time):

Departure: at 2 pm, after lunch

Contribution (members, pupils, students, unemployed, pensioners)*:

Single room 580 € / 550* €
Double room 555 € / 525* €
Dormitory 535 € / 505* € reduced*

All prices include accommodation & meals (vegetarian full board)





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Tummo, the yoga of inner fire and joyful bliss

is a Buddhist form of yoga that specifically works with the energies (Tib. rlung, Skt. prāṇa), subtle channels (Tib. rtsa, Skt. nāḍi), and essences (Tib. thig le, Skt. bindu) of the body.

The Nam Chö (nam chos, “Sky Dharma”) Tsa Lung Tummo practice can help us open our channels and deepen our meditation and mind training. It is a complete cycle of practice that, if done and applied continuously, can lead to enlightenment.

Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche invites all Tummo practitioners and those who wish to learn this practice to a Nam Chö Tsa Lung Tummo Retreat once a year.

At the beginning of each Tummo Retreat, Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche will give the Nam Chö Tsa Lung Tummo empowerment, which is the prerequisite for learning the Tummo practice.

Rinpoche will teach the visualizations as well as the three main exercises from the Nam Chö Tsa Lung tradition (Trulkhor) in stages. We will divide the group according to the level of practice and Rinpoche will teach each subgroup according to their knowledge.

Under the guidance of tutors, practices will be practiced and deepened.

Those who have not yet received an angra (Tsa Lung skirt) from Rinpoche can get it on this occasion.

Prerequisites for participation

The retreat is suitable for beginners as well as for those who are already practicing Tummo.
Participation in the course “Nam Chö Tsa Lung – Preliminary Tummo exercises (Ngöndro & Guru Yoga)” is a prerequisite for participation in this retreat!
Participants are requested to attend the entire retreat.

All prices include accommodation & meals (vegetarian full board)
Single room 580 € / 550* €
Double room 555 € / 525* €
Dormitory 535 € / 505* €

reduced* for: members, pupils, students, unemployed, retired people

Those who would like to and have the financial means to pay, are welcome to transfer 10 Euro more. We would then add this money to our ‘sponsoring pot’, with the help of which we try to make it possible for people who are less well-off to participate.

If someone has no financial means at all, the participation fee can be waived after examination by Dolpo Tulku e.V. and Rinpoche himself in exchange for assistance during the retreat.

Please transfer the participation fee to the account of Dolpo Tulku e.V. by 15 December 2023 at the latest. Only after receipt of the fee the participation will be confirmed bindingly.

Account: Dolpo Tulku e.V.
Bank: Stadtsparkasse München
IBAN: DE82 7015 0000 1001 9954 04
Purpose of payment: Tummo Preliminaries

Paypal: Association account

Donation (Dana) to Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche

As a thank you for the empowerment we traditionally give a donation in an envelope to Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche and hand over a Katak, a white scarf symbolising our pure motivation.


For cancellations of up to 8 days before the beginning of the retreat, we claim a contribution for administrative costs of 50 % of the seminar fee.

The nearest train station is “Neustadt a.d. Aisch Bahnhof”. You can usually get there via the interchange stations Nuremberg or Würzburg.
You can be picked up at the station by prior arrangement.

Texts (if available), own sitting cushion or bench, seating pad, yoga mat, slippers, comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation, nice clothes for empowerment, warm socks and possibly scarf, toiletries, bed linen and towels.

It is considered meritorious to sponsor meals for the practitioners during such a retreat in the name of the deceased, the sick, and the like. At the beginning of the retreat we will announce how many participants we are and how much a meal costs for everyone, and put out a list for people to sign up.

Like most traditional retreat houses, Meditationshaus Höfen relies on the help of its guests to keep expenses as low as possible. Therefore, each retreatant is asked to support the house with approx. 45 to 60 minutes a day with the necessary work in the kitchen and the house.

The times will of course be adapted to our retreat schedule.

Participation in this retreat is at your own risk. The organizer, Dolpo Tulku e.V., as well as the instructor shall accept no liability for any personal injury and damage to property, caused on the occasion of course participation. Intensive meditation retreats are often not suitable for people with a history of psychiatric illness. In case of doubt, we ask for consultation in advance.


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