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The Dolpo Region is one of the most remote areas oft he world and can only be accessed by foot. There is very limited electricity or other modern amenities. As most villages are quite far away from one another, it is impossible to establish a health station, which is easily accessible for most of the population. Therefore Dolpo is not a popular place to work for doctors and nurses from Nepal and only 2010 the first nurses from Dolpo finished their education and returned to their native place to man health stations continuously.


As there is still no functional hospital in Dolpo, patients need to travel to Kathmandu or Pokhara for operations, x-rays, more specific investigations etc. The DTCF therefore offers a yearly free winterclinic, where people can get free examinations, medicine, vaccines and investigations.


A group of elderly people is being supported through a sponsorship project with monthly pocket money and an apartment, where most of them live together. Generally the DTCF also gives financial aid towards medical expenses incurred by elderly Dolpo people.


„Free Winterclinic“ in Boudha/Kathmandu

 During the winter months many people from Dolpo come down to Kathmandu to escape the harsh winter, but also to receive medical treatment, which they cannot access at home and where Tibetan medicine is not sufficient. About 70% of the population is illiterate and many do not speak Nepali, so going to a regular doctor is impossible without the help of a translator. But even with a translator misunderstandings around the nature of the illness or how the medicine should be taken, can arise.


Therefore the DTCF started the Free Winterclinic in 2008, where health staff from Dolpo assist an appointed doctor in the care of the individual needs. They look after the patients and visit specialists with them to encourage further treatment. This helps the patients to save money and the nurses gain more experience. The Camp also helps to collect some data about the prevalent health problems in Dolpo. Since 2012 the patients have also received vaccinations, such as for Hepatitis B and Typhus. Since 2014 homeopathic treatments as well as physiotherapy have been added to the program. 


Costs 2020: 7.500 Euro / 9,000 USD

Report of the 12th Free Winterclinic 2019

Impressions of the Free Winterclinic 2019

Due to Corona pandemic restrictions, the Winter Clinic cannot take place in early 2021 (DTCF statement here as PDF).


See Info-Clip about the Free Winterclinic:




Promoting Menstrual Hygiene in Dolpo

(Awareness & Eco-friendly pads distribution)


In the remote Himalayan region of Dolpo, managing menstruation effectively and with dignity has been challenging for girls and women as it will not need only accessibility to facilities like water and sanitation, but also accessibility of clean clothes and sanitary pads.

Therefore, in collaboration with a volunteer group called “Gompa Dhangpo” in English which means “First Step”, which is initiated by some of the first generation of educated and enthusiastic youths from Chharka Tangshong Rural Municipality, the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation(DTCF) is arranging to distribute 600 pieces of reusable sanitary pads simultaneously raising awareness on menstruation hygiene practices and also inspiring these underprivileged women and girls to use Eco- sanitary pads which is advantageous from both environmental and financial perspectives.


Costs: 3.625 Euro / 4,000 USD

Concept of the project planned for July 2021

Information about “Gompa Dhangpo”



Medical care for the region of Saldang / Karang / Namdö

During 2015, two nurses called Yangdi Sherpa and Sonam Lama, were sent into Upper Dolpo.  Sonam Lama stays mainly in Saldang, which is the largest village in the area. Yangdi Sherpa is stationed in Karang and visits the neighbouing villages like Namdö regularly. The nurses work closely with the local schools and receive food and lodging there.

The DTCF bears the costs for the medicines and their transport, whilst other organisations provide the wages, the food and the medical equipment.


Costs 2020: 5.500 € / 6.615 USD

2016 Report of the Karang Health Station




Hepatitis B Vaccination in Dolpo


A mass Hepatitis Vaccination was conducted for the 1st time in the history of Dolpo in 2020. A total of 1.327 people of Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality & Chharka Village were vaccinated against Hepatitis B in collaboration with the NPOs Vision Dolpo, Upaya Zen Center and  Ek Ek Paila.


Costs 2020: 2.615 € / 3.145 USD




Sponsorship for elderly people 

The DTCF started a sponsorship programme for elderly people in 2013. At present, the care home has been the residence of four senior citizens and a daughter of one elderly lady, who needs to be with her 74 years visually impaired mother. They cannot return to Dolpo due to health reasons and because of adverse circumstances, they cannot fully support themselves financially. Traditionally the family cares for their older members, but in the case of these people it is not possibly out of various reasons. If the need arises and more sponsors are available, the DTCF will expand the project.


Costs 2020: 1.860 € / 2.236 USD

Elderly Care Home Report



Support for traditional Tibetan doctors

Since 2017, the DTCF has been supporting local doctors in the villages of Dho Tarap, Nyisal and Mukot, who still master and apply the methods of traditional Tibetan medicine.


Annual costs: 1.350 Euro / 1,500 USD



Emergency support for medical expenses

Many of the Dolpo people do not have sufficient funds to pay for complex medical procedures and treatments. The DTCF supports after careful consideration all worthy requests.
Annual costs: 2.700 Euro / 3,000 USD



Renovation of the Health Station Men-Tse Kang in Dho Tarap

The DTCF is supporting the renovation of a health station in Dho Tarap, which is dedicated since 2004 to practice Tibetan medicine as well as preserving and spreading the wisdom of  this ancient  tradition. Due to heavy rainfalls related to climate change the main building and the green house were beverly damaged and could not be rebuild until now, due to a lack of funds. To ensure the continued service to the local population the DTCF is participating in providing some of the funds.
Estimated costs: 5.500 Euro / 7,000 USD

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