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Winter Classes in Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School 

Nyisal, a small village in Upper Dolpo, is located at 3,800 meters altitude close to the Tibetan border. The next road is approximately one walking week away and due to this extreme remoteness, it is very difficult to give the children in the villages a year-round solid basic education.

Since 2015 Yanjer Gumba Basic School runs a winter school from November to January, for all ages from kindergarten to grade five. The past four years of winter school were managed successfully with the support of dedicated teachers and parents, who provided housing for the children, food and firewood. The teachers and teaching materials were fully funded by the government.

However, the government has withdrawn from funding the winter school from 2019 onwards and a majority of parents is no longer able to support the school to the extent previously.

Thanks to a cooperation of the DTCF with the HUMAN Foundation, the financing and continuation of the successful Winter Classes in Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School in Nyisal is now guaranteed.


estimated costs: 2.200 Euro / 2,484 USD 




Saldang Winterschool 

The regular school year starts in April and ends end of October. During this time period, the more than 80 students of the Saldang school study according to the Nepalese curriculum from kindergarten up to class 6.

During the winter time, the children get the chance to deepen their knowledge about subjects concerning the Himalaya culture like the Tibetan language, foundations of Buddhism, as well as traditional crafts and dances, which are normally only dealt with marginally. Additionally students, who had to spend some of their school time helping with farm work, can revise whatever they missed. Locals act as teachers as well as monks, educated in Nepal and India.

Since 2016 is sponsored by the HUMAN Foundation based in Kirchheim / Germany. It operates with the vision to ‚Give children a future‘. The goal of the winter school is for the children to already develop roots in their culture early on before they go to Kathmandu or India for further education. This is a cooperation between the HUMAN Foundation and the DTCF with the long term aim to include more schools in this scheme eventually.


Video about the visit of the HUMAN Foundation at Saldang School in 2018

Winter Academic Session Saldang 2017/18

Costs 2017/18: 9.000 Euro / 9,300 USD



Cultural teachers for the Chrystal Mountain School in Dho Tarap, the schools in Charka, Nyisal and in Karang 

Since 2012 the DTCF pays the salary of an additional cultural teacher for the Crystal Mountain School in Dho Tarap to improve students’ the language skills and understanding of the local culture. Since 2014 the Charka School is taking advantage of the same offer and the Karang school now in 2017. In future hopefully, the DTCF will be able to provide more schools with such teachers.

annual costs: 7.500 Euro / 8,800 USD



Sponsorship for the higher education for young Dolpopas 

The DTCF supports the higher education of several Dolpo youths, who have agreed to later work for their native region. One of them is Lhakpa, who also works as the accountant of the DTCF;  or Tashi Bhuti, who worked several years as a nurse in Dolpo and is now studying pursuing her bachelor degree in nursing in Kathmandu.

annual costs: 3.700 Euro / 4,150 USD



Medical studies of Yungdrung Magli Budha 

Yungdrung first worked as one of the first Dolpo nurses in her native region Phuksomdo from 2011 to 2013, were she realized she would be more effective as a medical doctor. She returned to Kathmandu and completed a higher school degree to be able to enter the medical college in Pokhara in 2016. Att present she has just entered her third year after compelting her basic eduction. Now she will start her clinical practice.

The entire 5 year course costs 70.000 Euro / 80,000 USD.

Here the latest report about her studies

Yungdrung Magli in her university in Pokhara




 Children sponsorship

The family background of some children, some staying in Dolpo and some in Kathmandu, is too poor to send them to school. Even though there are many free schools, the extra costs for books, stationery, good shoes etc. are unaffordable.
The DTCF, therefore, started a sponsorship program to help eleven children directly, so they can first go to school and maybe later even to college.


Costs: 480 Euro / 540 USD per child per year (or 40 Euro / 45 USD a month)

2019 Report on the Sponsorship Program

Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche with three of the sponsorship children located in Dunai, Dolpa



Skill Development Training for a Primary Teachers 

Many young Dolpo people wish to return to their native villages after finishing their schooling to give back to their communities. One way of doing that is by working as teachers in the local schools. As a posting through the Nepali government is difficult due to the entry exams and the uncertainity of where they will be sent eventually, NGOs often cover their salaries. This also ensures that the young children are taught in their native language and have teachers who understand their living conditions. Unfortunately due to the time and money constraints, these novice teachers cannot get a lot of training before they start their jobs. Therefore the DTCF has decided to work together with the Rato Bangala Foundation in Kathmandu, which developed a one month training program tailored to the needs of the remote Himalayas. The first one-month “Skill Development Training for a Primary Teachers” started on 5th January and ended on 5th February 2019.


Costs: 10.000 Euro / 11,300 USD – including the needs assessment, costs for commuting etc.

Report of the teacher training 2019



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