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Earthquake Relief Nepal 2015 | DIRECTLY to DONATION



Following the devastating earthquake on 25. April in Nepal, the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation (DTCF) collected donations to immediately help the affected population all over Nepal, who could not be reached by big organizations. The DTCF uses all the money depending on the neediness of the people, determined by the staff of the DTCF, independently from caste or religious background.


Detailed list of all earthquake related activities by the DTCF


Overview – all projects: DOWNLOAD PDF



Short clip about the DTCF relief efforts:


Earthquake projects 2016


Distribution of 200 Blankets to population affected by the earthquakes in northern Nepal.


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Visit of the tin roof project in the Yalung Village, Solokhumbu District, distribution of woollen items and rebuilding of the community hall


Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche travelled in February 2016 to the Yalung village to preside over the annual Buddhist ceremony, held right after the Buddhist New Year. The DTCF had donated tin sheets for 450 families in Mai 2015 as  90% of the houses were destroyed. Rinpoche visited the temporary shelters and at the same time he distributed 250 woollen hats, 167 woollen socks and 115 woollen blankets to school student. He noticed the desolate state of the community hall, which is damaged beyond repair. Therefore Rinpoche donated 3500 Euros for a new building as the community hall is the centre of the village life and is used for all the village festivities. He also allocated 500 Euros for the building of a community hall in a neighbouring village.

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Here is selection of projects that the DTCF has supported since 2015:


Distribution on tin sheets and tarpaulins for the temporary shelters


Already two days after the first big earthquake on April 25th, Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche travelled through Kathmandu to get a first hand impression on the damage that incurred. Talking to the affected people, he quickly understood, that shelters are the most pressing need. Only with a roof over one’s head, it is possible to save one’s belongings and especially one’s food from the elements.


The DTCF discussed the details of the relief activities with the leaders of each village it agreed to help at. That included the number of inhabitants, accessibility of the village, the responsibility of each family to erect the basic structure of the shelter with bamboo, wood etc. The DTCF then bought and delivered the tin sheets or in remote areas, that could not reached with trucks, tarpaulins, which where used as roofs and covering materials.


The local population organised the distribution of the materials and kept official records, which were shared with the DTCF. Between end of April and July 2015 more than 1400 families received tin sheets and 3000 households received tarpaulins.


Costs: 100 Euro / 110 USD per family; 20 Euro / 22 USD per tarpaulin



Distribution of food | DIRECTLY to DONATION


The second big need, which was pointed out to the DTCF right away, was food. Especially in the more remote areas, food got scarce, because the collapsing houses buried whatever food the family had stocked under rubble. Whoever was able to rescue some food, shared with less fortunate people, but after a few days, many places had run out of anything edible.


The DTCF reacted by distributed staple foods like lentils, rice, salt and cooking oil to around 1500 families. Additionally, the DTCF also distributed food and every day necessities like soap to the India community living in Boudha/Kathmandu, that also suffered financial and material losses, reaching 77 households.


Costs: Ca. 35 Euro / 40 USD for a week for food provisions



Medical help for a camp of
displaced people from Sindhapulchowkk | DIRECTLY to DONATION


Sindhapulchowk was one of the most affected areas by the earthquake. Many people had to leave the area due to threat of land slides and the lack of possibilities to erect safe shelters. More than 700 people found refuge in a small tent colony in Boudha, Katmandu, waiting to return to their homes.


Some of them reached the camp with open wounds, inflicted by the earthquake, and which could only be superficially treated in hospitals. Other people suffer from colds, head aches from staying under plastic sheets and allergies from the difficult hygienic conditions. A warm hearted and kind nurse named Takchi Sherpa witnessed the situation, gave up her job, put her children up in boarding school and started caring full time for the sick.


In the beginning she paid all the drugs and other expenses from her own pocket, but end of July she requested the DTCF for help as she was not able to support her work through her own efforts. The DTCF then took on the financial responsibility of the project, including the wage for two additional nurses, a tent for elderly people, who need special attention, more nourishing food for the severely sick and financial support for operations.


Expenditure for a month: 1500 Euro / 1700 USD


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Financial support for temples and monasteries | DIRECTLY to DONATION


An estimated 1300 temples, monasteries and religious buildings, like stupas, were destroyed or damaged by the earthquake. They all play an important role in the spiritual and social life of the population. This is where people meet, pray and conduct their rituals. Without them, are core piece of their community life is missing.


The DTCF supports several communities and monasteries in their efforts to build temporary temples etc. and to patch up damaged ones, so their religious life can resume.


Support for each community ca. 2500 Euro / 2800 USD



Financial help for temporary buildings to house schools | DIRECTLY to DONATION


UNICEF estimated that after the earthquakes around 1 million children had no where to go to school to. After the affected population took care of their immediate needs like housing, food and medical care, they turned towards education for their children.


The DTCF was asked by several villages to help in this regard. The DTCF initially agreed to support three schools and depending on its resources will take care of more.


Expenditure for each school: 1500 Euro / 1700 USD



Long term project in connection with the earthquake –
a school near Kathmandu | DIRECTLY to DONATION


Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche already thought for years of building a school near Kathmandu, which combines modern education with Buddhist education. First the wish came up to provide young monks and nuns wit a monastic environment which included a school giving them the opportunity to graduate with a School Leaving Certificate (SLC). This would enable them as young people to decide whether they want to continue a life in a monastery and if not, give them the opportunity to go on to college and live a secular life.


The earthquake though prompted Rinpoche to fast track the building of the school project to enable affected children to gain an education there as well, side by side with the ordained children. The medium language will be English. At the moment the staff of the DTCF is working on the financial, educational and building plans. The school will be situated in Sankhu, close to Kathmandu, on a piece of land, that the DTCF has already purchased for this project.