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The Dolpo Region is situated in the north-west of Nepal and it’s inhabitants are mostly Tibetan speaking as it belonged to Tibet as of 250 years ago. Areawise it is the largest district of the 75 districts of Nepal. Buddhists are with 13.000 people the majority of the population.


The highest populated valleys on earth are situated in the “Upper Dolpo”, which can only be reached through crossing more than 5000m high passes. Almost 90% of the region lie more than 3.500 metres over sea level. 5.000 people live here and therefore the “Upper Dolpo” is one of the most scarcely populated areas in Nepal.


The people of Dolpo gain their livelihood through farming, animal husbandry and a little trading. The animal farmers live as half-nomads during the summer months, when they bring the animals to the higher grassy areas. More than 90% of the population live below the poverty line. The level of education is very low and and the average life expectancy in 50 years.