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Dharmagiri means the Mountain of Dharma or also Mountain of spiritual teachings. This is the name for the international organisation of Rinpoche’s activities worldwide. Included here are his Buddhist lectures and seminars; discussions with scientists, physicians, religious leaders etc.; the writing of articles and books as well as the participation in conferences on religion and science. At the same time Rinpoche uses his travels to fundraise for the activities of the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, which implements charitable projects in Nepal.


These activities are made possible by a network of students and friends of Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche. In some countries associations have already been set up under Rinpoche’s name or are in the process of registration. More organisations will hopefully manifest in many more places.


We are happy about any kind of support – financial or through voluntary work.


For more information, please contact: info@dolpotulku.org